Offered for your consideration is ONE Russound/FMP, Inc. model MP-3 Speaker Control Center. Also included in this auction are the Owner’s Manual, and for your archives, a four page Russound product brochure from the same era but which predates the MP-3.
I am the original and only owner. As is the case with all of my stereo component offerings, this device has been stored in a climate controlled environment away from light, dust, smoke and moisture. I have not used the MP-3 in my music system for ten years but I tested it thoroughly on February 25, 2011 and it performs exactly as it should. I have detailed the MP-3 prior to offering it for sale. Cosmetically the item is in almost new condition.
This device allows you to switch between two audio sources and control the volume of up to four different pairs of speakers, even if your amplifier or receiver has connections for only one pair of speakers. More importantly, the MP-3 Speaker Control Center does this while keeping the impedance (resistance) above 3.5 ohms to all pairs of speakers while minimizing the insertion loss (reduction of maximum possible volume). What this means is that each pair of speakers will function properly with a wide volume range even if all the speakers are playing at once.
The MP-3 has no power cord, nor does it need one. It derives whatever
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