RUSTIC DIAMOND WILLOW 3-LEGGED STOOL - Leather Seat Rustic Stool This rustic homemade diamond willow 3-legged stool came from an old ranch house in Wyoming, and is truly a one-of-a kind piece! It was created by welding three bolts that were placed through the centers of three approx. 24" pieces of 1 1/2 to 2" thick diamond willow. These legs are unfinished with a nice patina. One of them does show partial splitting around the bolt area, and I would use caution in placing a lot of weight on this stool. It stands approx. 14" to 17" high with legs that can be turned all directions, but are kept in position when placed into the triangle shaped leather saddle. This seat is still pliable, but leans more to the dry side. It also shows some stains and visible cracking, and I would bet that if it was folded it in half it would crack, but probably not break. We did clean it with saddle soap, but purposely did not wipe off the area w the 2 picks have been tooled into the leather. We thought they would show up better in the pictures this way. We also did not polish or treat the leather any other way, and will leave that option to the new owner.

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