Ruston/Ruston and Hornsby Lincoln nice mixed lot

A nice mixed lot of items from Ruston/Ruston and Hornsby (Lincoln) comprising:-
1. 'One Hundred Years of good company' Book of Ruston and Hornsby history, 270 pages
2. Compliment slip to accompany book, with duplicated signature.
3. 40 page 'in house' magazine from 1949, cover missing. Plenty of pictures of works and personnel.
4. Ruston and Hornsby 'works organisation' booklet given to employees/apprentices on joining company. 1940/50's?
5. Single sheet leaflet of the 'Ruston Holiday and Savings club. Similar years.
6. Glass sweet dish/ash tray (?) Ruston Bucyrus, quality excavators. Excavator works, Lincoln, England, Tel. 25261 Actual date unknown.
All in all, a nice 'package' lot all in one go.
Will sent by courier for £4.75 or you are most welcome to collect from Lincoln itself (LN2 5LY)
If collecting, please pay cash on the day, not Paypal, thank you. I no longer use the Post Office due to the massive increase in prices now a 'packet' is a 'parcel' and basically the inability to understand the sizing/pricing structure confidently any more.
Please note I may be called away for a couple of days until Wednesday 7th August. (elderly relative fading) Don't worry if I do not reply within that time scale.
Any queries at all though, please call me anytime and I will ring you back immediately
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