Ruthie 16.5" doll by Maggie Iacono Maggie Made Dolls

Ruthie by Maggie Iacono

Ruthie has the most beautiful, angelic face and is in MINT condition. She was produced in 2006 and is 16.5" tall. It's hard to keep your eyes off her, as her face is painted so beautifully. Her long blonde human hair is held back witha handmade hair band covered in silk and trimmed with tinted pink flowers. Hermultiple layered jacket begins with a delicate shade of pink wool felt that is the background for a translucent silk organza and topped with embroidery and felt flowers. A pastel pink bodice and pale cream wool skirted bottom make up Ruthie's dress. The only way Maggie could complete the dress was with the addition of a pastel colored pleated silk sash. Woven tights and black suede Mary Janes makes us step back and see Maggie's impression of the classic little girl. I am her original owner and she comes from a non-smoking home.

Comes with her box.

Limited Edition of 100. Retail price was $875.00 .