Ryukyu Japan Stamp Lot 187

----NOTICE,People out there, we have a large lot of Ryukyu stamps, covers, ect. to sell in large lots--- therefore, our Grandson Nicholas will be selling them for us, he's very honest. He will be selling them under the same terms , guaranteese our Brulin site----.but on danaliz1995 site. NEW mailing rate, THE RATES HAVE GONE UP.. We never charge more than $2.00 shipping for covers, $3.00 shipping for sheets in the US. $4.00 shipping on packets of 100 in US, outside US $6.00 Insurance is $2.00 extra. Outside the US, $3.00 shipping for covers , $6.00 shipping for sheets. Registered Mail will be an extra $12.00 outside the US. We do combine lots. We found a large lot of United States and foreign stamps in an old house here in Western Maine, all now coming up on E-bay. What you see is what you get, you'll have to make up your own mind as to what condition the stamps are in. We're not going to try to describe them. Even if we wanted to , we wouldn't know how. . We ship anywhere in the world with a Post Office. The stamp sheets have never been folded and will be shipped unfolded . &nbs