S. Chino Acoma Pot--Native American Pueblo Pottery

Authentic Acoma, New Mexico

Pot by S. Chino

This beautiful example of a handmade pueblo pot makes use of the black geometric designs and impressed arrowhead design so popular with Acoma artists. S. Chino, presumably Shirley Chino, is a member of the Chino family, one of the great creative Acoma families who are so well known for their gorgeous pottery art.

This piece is about 7 ½âe x 5 ½âe and stands about 3 ½âe tall. Note the photo of the signature on the bottom. The pot is in wonderful conditionâe"no chips or cracksâe"although it does show some wear on the bottom which makes me think it has some years on it. I bought it from a collector seven or eight years ago, and it was not new at the time. I neglected to ask about its historyâe"I just loved the design and craftsmanshipâe"so I canâe(tm)t tell you how old it is.

Some information about Acoma Pottery: A uthentic Acoma pots are made from local, slate-like clays. When traditionally fired, these clays produce a white vessel. After they are fired, these clays also are strong enough to support very thin walls. Traditionally, the artists use both mineral- and vegetable-based paints for their designs. The characteristic white backgrounds allow the Acoma potters to produce crisp black images.

Pueblo pottery requires little care other then
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