U.S. and foreign coin lot with stamps

22 Kennedy half dollars with varying dates. 1977 and 1974 Eisenhower dollars. 1990 uncirculated mint set. 1984 uncirculated mint set. 2005 state quarter mint proof set including California, Minnesota, Oregon, Kansas, and West Virginia. 1981 gem proof quarter. 1965 quarter circulated. 1993 gem proof nickel, dime, and penny. 1981 uncirculated D dimes x2,uncirculated D nickel, uncirculated penny. 1980 uncirculated D dime and nickel. 1979 uncirculated D dime and P penny. 1974 uncirculated nickel. 1996 uncirculated P dime. The following nickels, 2) 2005 Jefferson Buffaloes, 2) 2005 Jefferson Buffalo proofs, 2004 Jefferson, 1955 D Jefferson, 1928 P Buffalo. The following pennies, 2) 1957 wheats, 1 1958 wheat, 1968-69-70 D's. Also includes 3) Eisenhower dollar keychains dated 1974, 1977, and 1976 bicentennial. 1 Eisenhower dollar pendant dated 1977. The coin has not been clipped into the pendant so any dollar can be used. One JFK memorial coin, no mint date. One dragonball Z token, one showbiz pizza place token, and one mountain mall arcade token from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. You can judge the stamps for yourself from the pictures as I don't know too much about them. The foreign coins are as follows: 1977 10 Mexican peso, 1971 1 Mexican peso, 1936 Mexican 5 centavos,1966 Vietnam 5 dong, 1943 Gearge VI three pence, 1955 Elizabeth II three ... read more