U.S. Marine Corps C-7674/VCC Control Unit, Rectifier (AC/DC P.S.) for R-442/VRC

Very Nice U.S. Marine Corps C-7674/VCC Control Unit, Rectifier. This item appears to be a power supply that converts 115VAC (or 24VDC) into voltages required by the R-442/VRC Radio and C-7827/VCC Control Unit (These items are NOT INCLUDED as I don't have them). When operating on 115VAC, the output from the non-regulated 24VDC connector was approximately 28.5 Volts and the output from the R-442/VRC connector appears to be a regulated 21.5VDC. This power supply unit came from the estate of a radio collector and it is in very good overall physical condition. It was built under contract number M00027-67-C-0164 (Mfgr Code 96344, FSN 5) and then overhauled by the Marine Corps Logistic Base in Barstow, California in August 1994 by MECH 7281. I doubt if it saw much, if any, service since overhaul. It is so nice that I was hanging on to it but since I haven't found any use for it to date, I will pass it on to someone who can provide a better home and use for it. It think it can source a lot of current since the AC fuse is 10 Amps and the DC fuse is a 30 Amp fuse. While the item is compact (about 9" W x 5" H x 11.25" D including handles), it is quite heavy weighing in at about 25 pounds (un-packaged). The only testing that I have performed on this item is measuring the output voltage so I am selling it as USED, Strictly: AS-IS. This item is ... read more