PLEASE NOTE; It was noted that an error occurred in the shipping rate for this item. E-bay's automated shipping calculator tagged it as an "irregular package" when weight and dimensions were entered. This resulted in a shipping cost that I sure as hell wouldn't pay. I have since corrected this problem. My apology. John
HEY! CHECK THIS OUT!.......... I am told that this is a WWII / Korean War / Cold War item. I will let the pro's out there figure out what era this item belongs in. No doubt, it is vintage military surplus. Years ago I bought a Korean War surplus 6-man pyramid tent for hunting. It came with the liner, and I added the "all fuel burning" stove. A buddy of mine also had one of these setups and he came across a couple of these U.S. TENTAGE REPAIR KIT's. I have had this one for about 10 years and opened it only once before I did so here for my auction photos. I do not know if everything that is listed on the kit's flap is here, but there certainly is a lot of stuff that does not show very much use. There is included, besides the tools, a decent hunk of tent material as well as opened, and unopened bags of grommets. This is a museum quality item and would make a great re-enactors display, not to mention a very complete tent repair kit. Please make sure to ask questions before bidding, as I do not want this returned.
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