S.S. Pierce "OVERLAND" Railroad RR Wooden Cigar Box ~NR

is a terrific 1923 vintage wooden cigar box from the S. S. Pierce Company, for their Overland Perfectos cigars . According to the website http://www.cigarhistory.info/Themes/Railroads.html ( NOTE : this is a permissible link to a strictly reference/informational website that shows a photo of an exact identical box, with information about it ) this is the OLDEST KNOWN version of this brand of cigars in the United States which were made by D. Emil Klein Fact. 63, 2nd NYC, for the famous S. S. Pierce of Boston, Massachusetts, a specialty retail operation.

Special thanks to the kind eBayer who shared the cigar history information with us !!

CONDITION: This box is 9 inches long, 5-1/2 inches wide and 2-3/4 inches tall. It is made of wood and has some outside wear as well as light staining in several places. PLEASE LOOK AT THE PHOTOS! Down the left front corner and onto the front side panel are remnants of the tax stamp which of course was split when the box was opened. This box has a paper or tape hinge, not metal, which is intact all the way across and works well. T was paper tape affixed to all of the edges, and much of this has worn away and is missing. T apparently was a small nail driven into the front center of the box to hold it closed. The nail is gone and on the inside of the front panel a flake is chipped away
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