U.S. WW II, U.F.H. BAYONET, M1905E1, CIRCA: 1943

UNITED STATES WORLD WAR II, U.F.H., BAYONET, M1905E1, CIRCA: 1943: This World War II bayonet was manufactured by the Union Fork and Hoe Company, Columbus, Ohio, in 1943 as a M1942 Bayonet, with a 16 inch blade and black plastic handles. In 1943, the U.S. Army came to realize that, the average man's torso was about ten inches in depth/width and that, after running ten inches of cold steel through a man's chest area, a maximum depth wound would have been delivered to one's victim! Running six more inches of steel blade through the same wound channel would not have proved to be more fatal. A shorter length bayonet made sense. As many M1905 and M1942 bayonets as possible were recalled, had their blades cut down to ten inches, and reissued. Shortened M1905 and M1942 bayonets were redesignated M1905E1 Bayonets. New production ten inch bayonets were designated M1 Bayonets. The bayonet I am offering you at this time, is NOT an M1 model, for its blood grove runs all the way to the end of the blade, clearly indicatging that, six inches of blade have been cut from the end of this bayonet! This bayonet was found in an attic many years ago. All the steel surfaces on this bayonet displayed evidence of oxidization. Though the weapon cleaned up rather well, the blade and other steel parts on this bayonet display pitting and blemishes resulting

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