UNITED STATES WORLD WAR II, USN MK2, U.S. NAVY UTILITY KNIFE, MARK 2, CIRCA: 1943: This World Warr II Navy utility knife was manufactured by the Union Cutlery Company, Olean, New York, Circa: 1943. This is an early production version, for it has a peened pommel. Later versions had pinned pommels. The blade has a clip point and is made out of 1095 carbon steel. This steel will take an edge that will rival that of a straight razor! This knife was squirrelled away in an attic for around sixty-five years! Though the blade had acquired a thin patina of oxidization, the blade cleaned up very well. The blade is SHARP, but not razor blade sharp! Though specifications for the USMC Knife, Fighting Utility and the USN Mark 2 Utility Knife stipulate a 7 inch blade, the blade on this knife measures 6.5 inches. Oddly, too, the fuller on this knife's blade is 2.75 inches in length, while on my WW II USMC KA-BAR, Fighting Utility Knives, their 7 inch blades have fullers that are only 2.5 inches in length??? Though Camillus Cutlery Company, of Camillus, New York, made the largest number of USN MK2 knives, only the Union Cutlery Company made knives displaying their bold trademark 'KA-BAR", stamped into the knife's blade parallel to its ricasso. Even though this USN MK2 has seen use, for a U.S. WW II military utility knife that may be over sixty-eight

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