U.S. WWI Bolo Knife, Model 1917, Plumb, Philadelphia.

The blade appears to have been sharpened very smoothly, accurately, and evenly.

There is some rust, particularly on the sharpened portion of the blade, and one side of the hilt.

It is marked "U.S. MOD 1917," on one side of the blade, and "PLUMB PHILA. 1918" on the other, although some letters and numbers are obscure.

On one side, the wood grip has some cracking from dryness, but is not completely split. The grips are snug, but can be moved sideways slightly if forced, at the hilt end only.

The scabbard appears to be gut over wood, with brass rim, and binders inside the top portion which hold the knife in firmly. The knife has a greater cutting edge bevel on one side than the other, so it will fit into the scabbard only one way.

This is from an estate. It was on open display for many years, and has not been cleaned.

Total length of knife itself is 15 1/2".