PIPE & MASTERCARVER INFO DIRECT FROM MY WORKSHOP Hi I am Sadik Yanik Since it/'s foundation in 1953, YANIK Meerschaum Hand Arts workshop is proud to present you, our worthy customers the most beautiful meerschaum pipes with highest quality and I advise you to look at the pictures for the artistic, esthetic and realistic quality of the pipes before you place a bid. If you would like to have more pictures of the pipes,please contact me. All my pipes and other productions are 100 % block meerschaum with highest quality from the Karatepe village in Eskisehir-Turkey. All my artwork have my signature . All my pipes undergo 3 phases of different special beeswax varnish and t is no one else who has the knowledge of this special beeswax because my knowledge of special varnish is the result of years of experience and information collecting. T/'s absolutely no kind of effect in the pictures of the pipes. Every meerschaum pipes artist says that he uses a special method for varnishing but actually that/'s not true, they only use yellow coloured natural beeswax and it's not special at all. For the stems of the pipes,we use OX-Horns,Ebonite,Acrylic,Vulcanite,Amber and some other hand made stems. For the screw,we use a strong material called Teflon-Delrin Connector. We drill into the pipes to make a hole inside it for the stem,the hole
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