This auction is for a SCARCE OFFICIAL ORIGINAL COMPLETE MILITARY PAPER MANUAL PUBLICATION with 115 pages that follow in a chronological order, and the "List of Revised Pages Issued" section is blank. On lower right front corner it states: "15 APRIL 1951".

Title is: "HANDBOOK FLIGHT OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS USAF MODEL SA-16A-GR, NAVY MODEL UF-1 AIRCRAFT, AN 01-85AB-1, RESTRICTED" Published Under Authority of the Secretary of the Air Force & The Chief of Bureau of Aeronautics.

This manual consists of detailed informative text, AND MANY black-and-white photos and illustrations throughout! A quote from the opening section is as follows: "The SA-16A-GR and UF-1 aircraft are all metal, high wing, twin engine, air-sea rescue amphibians with fixed wing tip floats. Provisions have been made for the installation of JATO units on the hull doors. Wright engines drive two Hamilton Standard, three blade constant speed and reversible pitch propellers. The aircraft are powered by two, nine cylinder, Wright Cyclone engines."

Sample section titles include: "Airplane Description" "Oil System" "General Arrangement & Service Points Diagrams" "Flight Deck Instrument Panel Diagrams" "Flight Deck Overhead Control Panel" "Hydraulic System" "Landing Gear" "Miscellaneous Emergency Equipment" "Normal Operating Instructions" "Take-Off

Internet research indicates the following: "The GRUMMAN SA-16A-GR AMPHIBIAN SEAPLANE was used by the U.S. Navy as a utility aircraft and carried a crew of 4 and 10 passengers, stretchers or cargo. The USAF used the ALBATROSS as a search-and-rescue aircraft. In 1962, both services re-designated this aircraft as the HU-16. Most were phased out of service in the 1970s."

This manual came from a private collection of a former LCDR Navy pilot and is NOT a reproduction.

Previously owned in Very Good to Very Good Plus condition, general edgewear to front and back pages, no underlining inside. Measures 10 3/4 by 8 inches and will be shipped in a protective mailer. $5.00 (priority) well-packed shipping (outside USA will be different).

Thanks for looking!

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