SA310 Japanese Samurai Sword: Two Tanto Project Pieces Kanmaku Ujinobu

Two tanto. The mekugi in the stripped koshirae is stuck, and the nakago remains a mystery. The one in shirasaya is signed: "Kanmaku Ujinobu."

Rusted blades suitable for polishing practice or restoration projects, sold as is.

In koshirae: Nagasa - 23.5 cm. Moto-haba - 2.4 cm. Moto-gasane: 0.3 cm.

Kanmaku Ujinobu: Nagasa - 25.1 cm. Moto-haba - 2.8 cm. Moto-gasane - 0.6 cm.

Shipping from Japan. $60 shipping and handling by EMS to anywhere in the world except Russia and China.

Attention buyers in Russia and China: I will NOT ship to Russia or China. Russian and Chinese customs have blocks katana shipments. Unless you have a receiving address outside Russian Federation or China, please refrain from bidding.

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