Sabian Dave Weckl Signature Legacy 21" ride HHX

Here is my HHX ride, amazing of my personal favouriteshere is what Sabian say.As the Legacy line’s theme has now become apparent, the 20- and 21-inch rides, naturally, have a deep pitch and dark tonality. The cymbals’ build is noticeable, with the amount of roar more pronounced in the 20-inch model. Each of these rides gave wonderful, rich and dark crash tones and sound wonderful when playing mallet rolls. The 20-inch model felt less like a ride when playing fast, moving under my sticks in a way similar to the way a crash will when you ride it. For that reason I preferred the 21-inch model, and also because it offers better stick definition. No cracks or key holes in very good condition. priced to sell. Please check out my other auctions. Thanks