Sachs Pruden Bottle Corker Dayton Ohio 1886 beer ale

This auction is for a dated bottle corker that I purchased at an estate sale of a local collector of tools and breweriana . It is marked Sachs, Pruden & co. Dayton, Ohio. Has Patent date of September 7, 86.

The Sachs, Pruden co. Brewery was established in 1883. It started by making ginger ale and in 1888 began to manuf. lager beer , in 1895 the brewing company was sold to the Dayton Brewing Co..

This rare Bottle corker is in good working condition and has no damage and no bad rust pitting; handle and cork inserter move smoothly. All parts I believe to be original. I'm not sure what the little hook on the front was for , maybe that's w the operator would have his next cork ready for installation.

I did not clean this at all, it does have some surface rust, which could easily be removed. Wooden handle is still nice and solid, with only a few minor scratches or scuff marks. White spot on handle is remains of an old piece of tape.

This is a great pc. of Dayton Brewing history. If you have any questions please ask. Thank you and good luck.