Sacred Heart Jesus Religious Bust by Penna Statuary Co.

HE IS BEAUTIFUL IN A RED AND TAN ROBE WITH THE BLEEDING SACRED HEART. THE BOTTOM READS COPYRIGHT PSC - "I WILL BLESS EVERY PLACE WHERE AN IMAGE OF MY HEART SHALL BE EXPOSED AND VENERATED". ON THE BACK IS PSCI COPYRIGHTED BY PENNA STATUARY CO INC THE FRONT BASE HAS A PLACE FOR TWO CANDLES OR INCENSE. THE BACK HAS AN OPENING FOR A BOTTLE FOR HOLY WATER. In the back is the writing 'Manufactured for Lancan And Bro. Inc. Boston. Mass. THIS IS A VERY BEAUTIFUL PIECE IT HAS SOME PAINT MISSING ESPECIALLY FROM THE HAIR HANDS AND FACE. These 'chips' add to the statue and could have been repainted, but I don't want to make any changes to decrease the value of this piece which I believe is from the 1940's. IT MEASURES 12" tall by X 10" wide and is very solid, made from plaster or chalkware with resin. I have seen identical statues that have sold for hundreds of dollars. Wonderful addition for the religious alter.