*OLD SAFE FIND* Unsearched Wheat/Indian Roll 1903 FULL Liberty & a Nice Indian!

THESE ARE NICE ROLLS! This roll was found by a gentleman who was settling his Great Uncles Estate... He said the safe was untouched for some time and he believed it had been from the early to late 60's since anyone had been in it based on the documents he found in there. Apparently his Great Uncle was a collector of coins and a bit reclusive as well, thus I purchased ALL of the rolls like this one and they will be sold off one roll at a time.
Based on the wrapper, this roll looks as though it has been sitting for a long time. I only opened one roll, because it fell apart durning transport, and the coins were very nice, no junk! Multiple Indian Heads along with a good assortment from all decades including two pre-40's mint marks! UPDATE :There have been silver coins as well as one civil war token found. No 1909-S VDB's yet but there has been 1909-S, 1910-S, 1922-D's along with (2) 1924-D's found!
The ends are very crude but I'd hate to tamper with them so they will be left as I bought them... TAKE NOTE: **There's a better chance of finding rarer dates if these rolls truly have been sitting for 50+ years...**
Shipping is $3.09! Includes a tracking number and item mailed in a padded envelope... Discounted shipping on multiple rolls won. *Please wait for updated invoice*
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