Safety razors handle only satin matte stainless steel 6 to choose from!

This is a listing for 7 different designs of safety razor handles that I have available at the moment.
All of the handles have a nice satin matte finish. The handles are made from Stainless steel.
The handles all have standard threading that will be compatible with almost all 3 piece razors(Gillette,Mekur,Muhle and others)
D1 - 75g - 85mm
D2 - 101g - 85mm
D3 - 91g - 100mm
D4 - 84g - 85mm
D5 - 70g - 97mm
D7 - 65 - 93mm
This is a listing for safety razor handles only no heads are included!
As well as the handles of safety razors I am also selling the heads of safety razors separately so have a look at my other listings if you want to create your own razor.
If you have any questions feel free to ask anytime!
Please have a look at my other razors that I have up for sale this week.
Overseas buyers are welcome