Saharan Arrowheads Artifacts 9 Nice Study NEOLITHIC

are 9 nice Neolithic Arrowheads that have been reworked. The value of these artifacts as "study points" is quite clear. T is multiple layers of the aging process. Wonderful treasures !!! They will be assets to your collection. These arrowheads may be of interest to all collectors of Native American Arrowheads/Artifacts. Often points of exceptional beauty were buried with the owner as a sign of wealth or position. !!!! Found in the Sahara Desert, Niger/Mali area of North Africa. Estimated to be 4000 to 6000 years old and guaranteed to be 100% authentic ancient artifacts. ****** ITEM(S) PICTURED ARE THE ACTUAL ARTIFACT(S) YOU WILL RECEIVE !!!! ******

As with all Neolithic Points the skill and patience required to create them is remarkable. It is awesome to hold one of these ancient points in your hand and realize that it is possibly one of the oldest tools known to man. The Sahara Desert of Northwest Africa was once an area of tropical forests and grassy plains w these ancient people hunted, lived and created these unbelievable arrowheads.

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