Saito FA82B Ringed 4 stroke glow engine w/accessories

For your consideration... one Saito FA82B ringed 4 stroke glow engine with many expensive accessories. Included in this auction is: 1. Velocity Stack installed (known for increasing full economy and low end throttle response) 2. Modified intake manifold for attaching the breather to the intake (no more glow oil mess. just like os fs91 no change in performance!) stock intake installed 3. three different exhaust headers (straight, 15 degrees and 45 degrees). 4. Right Angle header for easy incowl mounting of the exhaust. 5. one dubro spinner cone that works with starter. 6. standard Saito tool kit w/ instruction manual 7. original Saito glow plug installed (only plug used with this engine).........This engine was run with byron Gen2 15n 18o fuel with castor (standard blend). perfectly broken in. engine has 2 gallons through it. always flushed bearings with air tool oil after each flying session. Very clean. Buy pays shipping