Sajen Keris (Kris, sword, knife) Majapahit, abad 13-14

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Putut Sajen Keris




Majapahit, Abad 13-14

This is a traditional Javanese Sajen Keris. It was used not only as a weapon but as a ceremonial piece and is quite often passed from generation to generation as a family heirloom (pusaka).

The Keris are believed (especially those made in the last century and before) to have mystical powers and many Indonesian (especially Javanese) people still believe in its magical powers. It is often said that a Keris will rattle in its sheath to warn its owner of impending danger. This is a sajen keris (in Javanese it is an offering of flowers or food to the spirits). Many Javanese people believe that these, more than any other keris, are empowered with mystical abilities. This is a small keris and the hilt (or Deder) is molded with the blade. The hilt is in the shape of a human being slightly bent at the waist. Quite often after the offering was made with these keris, the keris was buried in the ground. Many of these types of keris are found in this manner

This Keris has a very beautiful Ngulit Semangka pamor.

This Keris was made during the Majapahit period. Tangguh (estimate of age) is abad 13-14.

The Keris is in excellent condition;

The Pamor is Ngulit Semangka.

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