Sal Mineo "FORTUNE & MEN'S EYES" James Dean 1969 RARE

This is a rare playbill from the original production of the controversial gay-themed prison drama "FORTUNE & MEN'S EYES" at the Coronet Theatre in Los Angeles. (The production premiered in December 1968 with an official opening date of January 9th, 1969 and ran until July 1969. The play would later open October 22nd, 1969 at Stage 73 in New York City and run for 231 performances.) ..... Directed by SAL MINEO, this groundbreaking play was the first stage production to include a simulated rape scene (full nudity) between two men. Up until this time, t had never been a nude sex scene portrayed on stage even by members of the opposite sex, so one can just imagine the public uproar evoked in the late 60's by a man being raped by another man. The two actors involved in the scene were SAL MINEO as "Rocky" and nineteen year-old DON JOHNSON as "Smitty" ... The future "Miami Vice" star, after two years at the University of Kansas, had joined San Francisco's American Conservatory Theatre w he caught the eye of Sal Mineo, who cast him in "Fortune and Men's Eyes", his first major role. Johnson finished the Los Angeles run, but declined to recreate his role in the New York production, instead signing to do his first film, the forgettable "Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart" (1970). Other members of the cast included ROGER GARRETT as "Mona" ... read more