On Sale! Coin rings made from pure Silver Walking Liberty in size 7-14

I am a United States veteran and want to say thank you for considering to buy one of my rings, I hope I have the privilege of making a custom ring for you and your family! Thank you for showing support to veterans.

These rings start as silver Walking Liberty 1/2 oz .999 pure silver rounds that I hand forge into rings. They are never melted or cut and always make a good first impression! Rings will look slightly different because each one is custom made for you after you order. So, the pictured ring is an example of the ring that I will make for you and not the actual ring you will recieve. This ring is not sterling silver, rather it is pure .999 100% silver (not the 90 percent silver rings from other makers - if they do not advertise .999 silver then you will not be wearing pure silver!), you can't find a more unique beautiful ring to wear. This is an item for your family to treasure or to wear with pride and is a wonderful conversation starter! Also, being made from a .999 pure silver round, this is also emergency barter right on your finger (pure silver is always the best barter material) and the antibiotic properties of pure silver is well known.

Note that you are only purchasing ONE RING, the COINS PICTURED ARE NOT INCLUDED, I only have pictures of the coin/round so that you can see what the ring is made from.

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