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~Up for auction is a beautiful prayer (mani, blessing) wheel made from bronze, and has a warm, gold-tone. Imported directly from the Kingdom of Nepal, NOT FROM CHINA , who has invaded and occupied peace-loving Tibet, this is the largest prayer wheel I carry. It has many colorful stones, turquoise and red, set into the sides and top. The brass is beautifully and ornately detailed, giving it an almost antique look. Please enlarge my pictures. They are non-eBay served and quite large.~

~This prayer wheel is a nice comfortable size and weight in my hand. It has a 5" wooden handle, the rotating head is large, almost 3 1/2" in length and the total length is close to 9". A brass weight is attached to the side by a chain, and it is this weight, combined with the motion of your hand, that sets the prayer wheel spinning out its blessings.~

~Mani, or prayer wheels (mani meaning "blessing") are always spun in a clock-wise direction, when viewed from above. This is old tradition. To learn more about prayer wheels, please see the attached information, below .*** ~

~T is a large paper scroll of Om Mani Padme Hum mantras inside. The top can be easily removed to view these. Even I was able to figure out how to take the top off
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