SALE: Lot of 13 New Doctor Who 5" Action Figures

A lot of 13 Doctor Who Action Figures from our overstocked shelves! You get 1 each of the following:
5" 10th Doctor with Ghost Triangulation Gear
5" Auton (Gray Suit)
5" Dalek Sec Hybrid
5" Clockwork Man Figure (Blue Jacket)
5" Doctor Constantine
5" Damaged Dalek Thay
5" Gelth Zombie
5" Judoon Captain
5" Judoon Trooper
5" Rose Tyler & Chip (+ Top Trumps Card)
5" Scarecrow, Style 3 (+Top Trumps Card)
5" Sycorax Leader Figure
5" Werewolf Figure
No substitutions.
PLEASE NOTE : slight packaging variations exist with these figures (note the various card colors behind the figures, including red, green, and blue card stocks). The packaging shown in the photo may not exactly represent the packaging you receive.