Sale! Pyramid Shisha Hookah Pipe 71cm + 4 Hose 186cm "PURPLE LOTUS" Hooka Hukka

New 71 cm Hookah Shisha Pipe with Wind Cover Set!
This ultimate nargila 4 hose hookah set includes an attractive top quality hookah shisha nargila with a tall metal stem and 4 washable hookah lounge hoses with a laser cut mouthpiece and a wind cover allows you to enjoy smoking your hookah pipe outside as well as inside.
This package features:
* 1 Unique 71 cm Hookah Shisha Nargila

Hookah-Universe The picture above shows what this attractive hookah looks like after it is easily and quickly assembled.

* Height of hookah - 71.15 cm / 28.01 inches

* Width of glass base - 17 cm / 6.69 inches

* Length of hookah hose (measured from end to end) - 186 cm / 73.22 inches

1 Pair of Metal Tongs with Poking Stick

These useful tongs provide the perfect means to light your charcoal tablet and to place the burning charcoal safely in the ceramic bowl.


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