SALLUST (GAIUS SALLUSTIUS CRISPUS, 86-34 B.C.) -- THE WORKES. CONTAYNING THE CONSPIRACIE OF CATELINE. THE WARRE OF JUGURETH. V. BOOKES OF HISTORICALL FRAGMENTS. TWO ORATIONS TO CAESAR AND ONE AGAINST CICERO. William Cross, translator. 6"x3". 692 pages. First edition in English of the complete extant works of the Roman historian Sallust, preceded only by individual translations of either Cataline or Jugurtha. STC-21624. "Sallust is the first Roman historian whose works have survived to the present day. In originality of style, objectivity of approach, and abilty to judge men and movements, he has often been compared to Thucydides. Catiline is a vivid and engrossing piece of reporting. Sallust excels in his delineation of character; the book is dominated by three brilliantly-drawn figures: Catiline, Caesar, and Cato the Younger. Sallust concludes his narration with an account of the defeat and destruction of the conspirators, a striking and memorable recital of the desperate bravery of Catiline and his men, and a portrayal of the tragic scenes characteristic of civil war" (Robert Downs -- Famous Books: 108 Great Works That Have Shaped Modern Civilization. Contemporary full calf, worn, backstrip seperated from spine but otherwise intact, no blank leaves present, historiated engraved title darkened and torn at outer margin as pictured, ... read more