Saltglaze water jug with two women and spinning wheel in relief

Unmarked, plain white water jug - 7in/18cm tall (more to spout) - with two relief figures around a spinning wheel. Unmarked, it could be from any one of a number of places, and a range of dates. Clearly it had a hinged lid originally. Makes a fine display item, with decoration that literally stands out, or as a perfectly sound jug, could still be used for its intended purpose. Free of any damage - cracks, chips or otherwise.

Please note - postal rate quoted is a typical example only, and in addition to the upfront postal charge, includes the 10% Ebay now take from these costs. Following recent cases of damage in transit, I have now further increased the already substantial packing I use, and include a small amount for insurance, under which I personally guarantee to pay half the loss and postal costs for any damage in transit up to a total of £20. I strongly recommend that if the item is costing you more than £40 including costs, then you should take out insurance where possible.

As the aforementioned damage has taken place with carriers other than Royal Mail, I now only use Royal Mail, unless you specifically request another carrier - in which case all responsibility will rest with you.

Other options, including faster delivery, delivery by other carriers,insurance etc, can be added atyour request – please advise before
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