Salton JM1 jm2 "JUICEMAN replacementbasket cutter

Product Details & Description

Juiceman ®

Stainless Steel

Blade Basket

Need a replacement Blade Basket for your Juiceman Juice Machine? Or would you like to have a second one? This listing is for a genuine Juiceman Replacement Blade Basket!

Designed for these models:


JM210 JM211

Entire JM1 series

Entire JM210 series

P/N: 70082 & 70082C

NOTE: These Blade Baskets are for machines manufactured after 2002; if your machine is older, they may not fit properly. Check the part number listed in your product manual before ordering; all sales are final.

Original, genuine Juiceman!

Beware of imitation blades - this blade is OEM, manufactured by Salton, the maker of all Juiceman Juicer Products!