Salvador Dali Silver "Easter Christ" Albert Field Book!

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I'm proud to bring to auction a fine work of art
of what some call the Picasso of the 20th Century !
Even though some of his art may be far out t &
beyond what some mat consider as everyday normal
day art work. Then again who want the average every
day normal art work? Included in this auction is an all
inclusive illustrative catalog by Albert Field the ONLY
person assigned by Dali to represent his work & the one
that is more detailed then any book on Salvador Dali. The
catalog alone retails for $285.00 which can be seen in picture
number 12, that along with the Solid Sterling Silver " Easter Christ Plate ", which weighs at well over 283 grams . My scale
only goes up to 10 ounces and when I put it on t it on the
scale it bottomed it out in a second, so I would think t is
at least several more ounces left to weigh in. I'm starting this
at a low price with a " NO RESERVE AUCTION " making it
an auction to keep an eye on and if your into Fine Art such as
Salvador Dali , then I would not let this one get by!!!
This piece was made by the Lincoln Mint which you can see
in picture number # 3 which also states this piece as
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