Samurai Aikijujitsu Home Study to 2nd Degree Blk Blt

Warning!!! This is one of the last sets to be sold on Ebay. You may purchase from our retail site at anytime.

This is the SAMURAI STYLE Aiki Jujitsu black belt home study course to 2nd Degree Black Belt. These, 11 DVDs, yes 11 (eleven) DVDs are new in the box and are much higher on our retail site plus test fees. This is the complete course with the option to test at each belt level for rank in this system. Multiple attackers, joint locks, throws, Jo staff and Boken are all taught as part of this system. The techniques are taught by Frank Williams Sensei who is the current Soke over the system and are easy to follow. Don't miss out on this incredible deal to save alot of money and follow your dreams of earning your black belt from the comfort of your school or home. This set is perfect for those with busy schedules and those student's that live in rural areas that do not have the privilege of having a school near them. Several other video black belt courses are available through the WHDA web site. Go to to see all the available types of martial arts to test in. These DVDs will always be available on the web site above at retail price for those that do not get in on this incredible deal. Thank you, All sales final except for damaged merchandise, which we will replace at no charge. We operate real Dojos in the USA and have
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