Kuroda Nagamasa received lands around present day Fukuoka for his service in the Battle of Sekigahara. Nagamasa came to Fukuoka in 1601 and began building Fukuoka Castle. In its time, Fukuoka Castle was the largest castle in Kyushu and boasted 47 yagura. Even though t is a foundation for a donjon, t is no evidence that a donjon was ever built. Noguchi Kazushige, who also assisted with Osaka and Edo Castles, built the stone walls of the castle. It is said Kato Kiyomasa was so impressed with the scale and workmanship, he nicknamed it the Stone Castle (Seki-jo).

The Kuroda family ruled for 12 generations and over 270 years. In 1871, the castle was decommissioned and most of the buildings were disassembled or moved.

The sun was going down when I left the castle grounds and it was so beautiful! Many people were having cherry blossom partys. Then I went to a great shrine.

THIS IS YUMI.The condition is excellent. It has a pull weight of 19 kilos. It is perfectly straight. It measures 2.27 meters One new string is included and the wrap is included.

Very powerful bow! Check my other listings for more pictures of my day out.

To string correctly you must string it opposite to unflexed curvature.

This bow is ready to use.

Fedex will have to send it by fast air because it is long item. $140 freight
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