San Diego Chargers VS Oakland/LA Raiders VTG Starting Lineup/McFarlane Set RARE!

Here is a early Pre Starting Lineup/McFarlane set featuring The Chargers VS the Raiders.We have two Hall of Famers on this set.Charger fans know who #80 is.The best Wide Reciever in Chargers history Kelen Winslow.Raider fans know who #83 is.Hall of Fame linebacker and 3 time Super Bowl Champion Ted Hendricks.No Hendricks has 4 because he won a Super Bowl with the Colts before he became a Raider.On some of these it has an orange sticker saying All Pro Figurines San Marcos California.Don Coryell,head coach of the San Diego Chargers,is proud to present hand crafted figurines of the highest quality the ultimate workmanship,and it does!!! The almost Asrto Turf like field is amazing and is 7X9 inches.Players anr about 7in,and it weighs about a pound and a half.Officially Licensed by the NFL stamped on the side with amazing paint,and the players are made out of plastic with a thin rubber like coat and are very hard.The players facemasks are made of metal!Why were these sets such a limited run?I don't know.I have had these sets for over 2 years,and have never seen one on ebay or the web.2 YEARS!!!!!! My theory is Coryell had to focus more on coaching the Chargers, which is a year around job,or the star players that #ers are used wanted royalties.You know the guys who like the rarest Baseball Cards?Well this is the rarest sports set,and might ... read more