SAN FRANCISCO 49ers 2015 Panini Playbook Football 5Box 1/3 Case Break #3 NITRO

This is a stacked 5 box break of 2015 Panini Playbook Football. This break will consist of breaking 1/3 of a Full 15 box case (5 boxes) of 2015 Panini Playbook Football in 3 consecutive group breaks.
Before the first break starting at 8 pm Pacific Standard Time , we will open the sealed case and number each of the boxes with a sharpie (1-15). We will then place each of the 15 numbers in a list randomizer on We will roll 2 six sided dice, if the dice total is 2 or 3, then we re-roll. The final randomized list will be used to determine which of the 5 boxes goes into each of the 3 breaks. The top 5 numbers in the list of 15 will be in the first break, the next group of numbers in spots 6-10 will be in the second break, and the last group of numbers in spots 11-15 will be in the third break.
You will be paying for a video link of the break. In addition, you will also receive ALL the cards for the team(s) you purchased.
We will start breaking the first 1/3 CASE (5 BOXES) starting at at 8:00 pm Pacific Time on nitrobreaks on Monday December 28th and start the 2nd and 3rd (5 box breaks) following immediately.
Any multi team cards will be determined by random. Each team with a share of the card will have 1 spot in the randomizer for each team owned, regardless of majority. The dice will be
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