San Francisco Map 1886 Ocean House San Miguel Toll Road

A large 1886 Map of San Francisco from Hoitt's Pacific Coast Guide Book. 20 inches by 25 inches. The map has resided 120 years folded securely in the hard cover guide book.... Map is by Britton & Reys. .... . The scans show the upper left corner legend moving around clock wise to each of the corners. ... The scanner plate is too small to show the whole map. .... The map has a 3/8 inch margin around it. .. The map is on sturdy paper. .....Overall, the map is in only fair condition because of three splits of 4 inches, 4 inches and 1 inch on the vertical crease (easily repaied). As can be seen in the first scan, t are tears in the legend area. In addition, t are about 8 small tears around the map that have been repaired, some of which can be seen in the scans....... ***Overall the presentation of the map is good but t are the tears***....... (The last scan shows what looks like a split but t is none t - it must be reflection from the large open ended clear plastic sleeve). The map can be slipped out of the large sleeve..... The map is original, authentic and vintage..................... Some of the interesting sites on the map are 2 Ocean Houses, Lake House, Alms House, House of Refuge, Presidio Barracks, Ocean House Race Course, race courses on Clement and 7th Ave & B Street, 4 cemeteries, San Miguel Toll Road, waste pond at ... read more