San Jose Lamosa Tile Top Texana Wrought Iron Lg Table

We will be auctioning 2 tables but this listing is for ONE only. This large, measuring about 42" across by 31" tall, vintage tile topped table is possibly either Lamosa or San Jose tiles on a wrought iron base. We purchased both of these at an estate sale in South Texas several years ago and have stored them in our warehouse ever since. They were used outdoors on the covered patio and do have rusty wrought iron to prove it! These unique tiles are all about Texas and the six flags that have flown over it in history. The tiles picture the different country's flags/shields and read The Kingdom of Spain, The Kingdom of France, The Republic of Mexico, The Confederate States of America, The United States of America, The State of Texas all set against a background of a very large star. In the center of the table is a Lone Star with a wreath. E Plurirus Unum-note the misspelling-is on the United States tile. It does have some damage to one side but we have nearly all the parts that have come off. We have pictured the damaged edge/side with the tiles and without. T is also a wrought iron band that goes around the outer edge of the table that is coming loose and/or part missing. We also note a few hairlines, cracks and nicks and t The rust is very evident but I think a good sandblasting and repainting would take care of that. The tabletop ... read more