Sanborn 500 Viso Cardiette Portable EKG Machine, w/ Fuses & Thermal Paper, Works

Sanborn 500 Viso-cardiette Portable ECG Chart Recorder

This is a dependable, analog unit with a sturdy steel case. It is heavy, but comes with a handle.

It comes with thermal paper loaded, a power cord, a screwdriver and fuses. It's been tested, but without using leads. Machines like this are for eternity compared to modern digital Chinese units.

This chart recorder takes 2.5" thermal paper. The controls include an off/on/run knob, a test button, an intensity knob, a position knob, "mark" and "STD (IMV)" buttons, and a knob with the settings STD, 1, 2, 3, AVR, AVL, AVF, V and CF (this knob's cover is slightly damaged but this is cosmetic only). The power cord is stored in a compartment below the control panel and there's a built-in cover that goes over the control panel for carrying. On one side is a power connector and on the other side is a round 6-pin connector, a switch, and a 1/8" phono connector.

When plugged in and turned on the unit's needle heated up, the drive roller rotated, pressing the mark button caused the mark needle to descend and burn a mark on the paper, and turning the position knob caused the needle's position to move. This appears to be a good working unit. It wasn't tested with external input.

Thanks; pick it up in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, to save on shipping.