SANDI GORE EVANS Father Christmas Santa Print & Figures

Sandi Gore Evans

"Bonhomme Noel" and "LePere Fouettard"

1994 prints

with matching handcrafted figures

Sandi Gore Evans did this set of Father Christmas prints in 1994. I don't think they were part of her regular Santa series; I think she did these to be used on Christmas cards.

Before Sandi passed away (2002), when she still had her shop, I loved to go t to see her new paintings and prints and to see what kind of new and interesting treasures she would get in. One day when I stopped in, she showed me this set of figures that had been made to go with her Father Christmas prints. This has been long enough ago (1994) that I don't remember who she said made these figures (they are signed with initials and numbered on the base but I don't recognize the signature), and I think she said the person only made a couple of sets. They match the prints perfectly and the detail is amazing.

Each Santa print is 9" x 3 1/2" and the overall frame size is 13" square. Each figure is 11" tall. I'm not sure what the faces are made of (papier mache, I think); they are beautifully hand painted. The beards are wool and the cotton robes are trimmed with fake fur. Every detail that is in the prints is also on these figures.

Both the framed prints and the figures are in excellent condition. We do
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