Sandman (Master of Dreams) 1, Neil Gaiman, Uncirculated NM, white pages

Selling the 1 st issueof Sandman 2 nd series (Master of Dreams). I’m grading this books at NM (94). Observed defects include Spine corner abrasions, spine creases. See front/back cover scans + 1 st page photo.

Shipping: All shipped books are bagged with a backer board, lightly taped together, enclosed within a comics flash mailer and shipped USPS Priority Legal Envelop. I'll combine shipping costs, provided they fit into a flash mailer which holds ~12 books.

About me: I'm recently retired and have started selling off dups from my collection. I'm not a professional grader, for key books I will document why the grade is not 96+ (and include pictures). Please feel free to request more pictures if the ones included are not sufficient.

My comics: All are Uncirculated, bagged and boxed directly from my comic shop inventory (shop was open early 80's to '92). Many of these books are in the 94-96+ range, however some are not (90-92+) due to how they showed up at the store and/or 30 years of storage.