SANDOW-Antique Exercise Tool-Strongman & Weightlifter !

Strongman Eugen Sandow's prolific career included the sale of exercise devices for consumers complete with course of instruction, ostensibly written by Sandow himself! Wel is a very well preserved SANDOW original exerciser by the "Sandow Appliance Company Ltd...Huddersfield & London".

All of the parts and accessories are -the instruction manual and even the wall chart are in this complete set. The handles may be bakelite but I am not sure.

's what you get;

-The "appliance"-Expander and handles with ALL of the springs in tact perfect!

-Stirrup attachment for anchoring springs-to-floor for curls and presses

-Instruction Manual showing all reccomended exercises

-Wall Chart which is worth bookoo bux on its own!

-The original box it all came in! Printed on both sides!

Looks like it was never even used. The box is in excellent condition when you consider that it is at least 75 years old and probably even older.

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