Sanfords Guide to McCoy & In-Your-Pocket Field Price Guide

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Sanford's Guide to McCoy Pottery

Table of Contents

Hardcover -- (Our opinion here)
Sanford's is probably the SINGLE most comprehensive reference on McCoy. The book is incredibly detailed, and it's easy to find what you're looking for. Sanford's is also THE authority on McCoy cookie jars. There are 30 color pages, with many, many jars on each page. This is a MUST HAVE for the knowledgeable dealer or collector. (Reviewed by John K.)

This is probably the single best book on the topic. Very thorough and in depth, hundreds of color photos. The book is organized by line rather than by pattern, making it easy to locate and quickly identify what you need to find. Examples of the organization method used includes Banks, Candle Holders, Cookie Jars, Fancy Planters, Jardinieres, Nelson McCoy, Wall Pockets, etc. This makes locating a pattern and coming up with a value much faster if you don't know the pattern's name. If by chance you do know the pattern name, these are indexed in the back.

McCoy In-Your-Pocket

This little book catalogs over 4000 pieces of McCoy Pottery.

Sanfords McCoy In-Your-Pocket, A to Z. Document Your Collection NOW! This

NOW, A Price Guide you can carry In-Your-Pocket. It's a handy 5 1/2" X 8" Size. McCoy In-Your-Pocket, A to Z is just published with 2002 Prices for SanfordS Guide to McCoy Pottery (The Big Red Book). Catalog "YOUR" Collection with this new "Check List" format. This Book includes priced catalog items not shown in SanfordS Big Red Book.

It's easy to use! It follows the pages in the Big Red Book. Featuring "MINI COLLECTIONS" A listing by Line, Color and Shape. Now you can collect McCoy by line and know what you'll need for a MINI collection by color and shape. The price guide check list is illustrated with over 150 Thumbnail Photographs to help YOU organize Your Collection. TJ McHose has devised the Shape and Identification Guide which makes it easier to describe a piece of pottery without a picture when talking with a friend. McCoy In-Your-Pocket A to Z has a Chronology of McCoy from 1899 to 2002. See when lines started and what other items were being made at the same time.

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