Sanitary Milk Co Half Pint Bottle Curwensville, PA Milkman Quilted/Diamond Glass

Unique Sanitary Milk Co half pint milk bottle from Curwensville, PA

Front of bottle has a sun on the horizon and reads "Sanitary Milk Co Good Morning Good Health Curwensville, PA Phone 30-J"

Back of bottle has a picture of a milkman and reads "Do you know our drivers sell our own light & heavy cream, chocolate milk, buttermilk, orangeade butter & cottage cheese"

Bottle is in great condition and the diamond/quilted pattern of the glass is a very interesting design. Bottle is very slender and taller than most half pint bottles. I've never seen another one like it.

Red pyro is faded but is very legible. Use pictures to determine condition of bottle.

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