Sansui BA-3000 Power Amplifier

Sansui BA-3000 Power Amplifier

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Up for consideration from my personal collection is a Sansui BA-3000 Power Amplifier in near perfect condition. This unit was made in September 1975. This one is as close to stepping back to 1975 and powering one of these up for the first time as it gets.

The Sansui BA-3000 Power Amplifier was marketed as part of the “Definition Series” of the Sansui product line.


The protection board has been recapped Nichicon MUSE FX premium Audio Grade capacitors specifically designed for audio applications. The Driver Circuit board adjustments for DC Offset and Bias were made and the Output/Source Level Meters were calibrated.

Power output measured 200 Watts at the onset of clipping. Unit is rated 170 watts at 8 ohms and 340 Watts at 4 Ohms. The impedance is switch selectable on the rear panel.

Meter circuit diodes have been replaced for reliability. Switches and variable controls were treated with DeOxIt and FaderLube for quiet operation.


This item as furnished includes this set of documentation and accessories.

1. Original Sansui box and packing material

2. Original Caution Card Information

3 Original Sansui Authorized
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