Sansui PM-C200 Speakers Nice Very Rare

This is a nice pair of Sansui PM-C200 loudspeakers. These are pretty rare, and you don't see these very often on Ebay, and I think they are one of Sansui's best kept secrets. The PM-C200s are a 4-way system, and have a 15" Woofers, 4-3/4" Midranges, 1-15/16" Plane Diaphragm tweeters, and 5/8" Plane Diaphram Super Tweeters. They also have leval controls for the Mids, and Tweeters. The Specs on these speakers are: Maximum Input Power: 320 watts, Impedance: 8 ohms, Sensitivity: 93 dB/W (at 1 m), Frequency Range: 25 to 35,000 Hz., Crossover Frequecies: 1,000 Hz, 5,000 Hz, 10,000 Hz. The Dimensions for the cabinets is: 29-1/2" H, 17-1/2" W, 12-3/4" D, and they weigh about 53lbs. each.

I have listened and enjoyed these speakers for a couple years now, and all the components work great. I have had other Sansui speakers (many of the SP series), and these are their predecessors. I think these were made for about 2 years in the mid 80s, not certain. I have to sell some of my speakers as I have way too many, I hate to get rid of these. The PM-C200s seem to have alot more bass than any of the SP series that I have owned, and they have deeper cabinets, and more volume, and are very smooth. I would compare these to be pretty close to the Pioneer HPM-1100s as far as the sound.

As for the condition of these, for the most part they
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