Sansui QS-500 4channel rear amplifier

Early 70's quad amplifier. Designed to add on to an existing stereo system. Monitors and controls all 4 channels. Can also be used as a stand alone integrated amp. Item works when tested with a CD player and a pair of speakers, although the full capabilities of the amp are unknown without the manual. Cosmetically, the amp is in excellent condition for it's age. All meters work and light, all metal knobs are original and work smoothly, the walnut veneer case is virtually scratch free, and all jacks are clean and intact. Please refer to the pictures to verify. Also, the wood case is a almost perfect fit for a Marantz 1060 amp. The opening is the exact width, and 1/4 inch taller than the Marantz. Sold as is. Due to the nature of vintage equipment, only guaranteed to not be DOA. United States only, Paypal only.