Santa Clause Russian Nesting Doll, Rare set, SPECIAL!

Direct FROM RUSSIA. This Russian Nesting Doll features a classic Santa Clause in a very unique blue coat and fancy belt. What makes this set so unique is that the artist has painted each of the 5 characters in this set different from each other. The first Santa in the set features a Santa in a wonderful blue coat with snow falling all around and a very detailed and happy santa face. The second piece of the set features an angel out in the snowy night with the north star on top of her Christmas tree. The third piece of the set features a jolly snowman with his cute scarf and winter hat. The fourth piece features a little boy holding a teddy bear, and the 5th and final piece of the set features a little girl with a candy in her arms, so cute!! Each character in the set has different colors and clothing with intricate details, because the artist has used special single sable brushes to make this set exclusive. Also notice the rich and bright Egg-tempura paint, and covered with about 10 layers of Lacquer , giving the set a bright gleam and protecting the paint for lifetimes to come. This set has a great sense of balance and linear flow to it. What a wonderful set to open up for the holidays!! This set is great gift or addition to any collection. Signed by Russian artist on bottom. Good luck!


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