Santa Fe The Oil Flyer Railroad Drumhead Tail Sign

Santa Fe Railroad

“The Oil Flyer” Railroad Drumhead Tail Sign

This railroad drumhead tail sign was recently found in family storage; believed to have had some affiliation with Western Sandblast, Co. out of Chicago, Illinois. As I mentioned, it was recovered from storage and I have no recollection of its history.

Santa Fe's new streamlined day passenger train, known as the Tulsan , began operations on Dec. 9, 1939. This train originated in Kansas City as train #212. When it returned northbound as the Kansas Citian it carried train #211. Another name train that called on Cherryvale was the night Pullman train called the Oil Flyer . Southbound this was train #48, northbound it carried #47.

Oil Flyer : Kansas City, Missouri — Tulsa, Oklahoma with through sleepers to Chicago via other trains.